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Core Compliance

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Core Compliance
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Certify and manage employee access privileges, so you can identify, validate, and effectively enforce least-privileged access across the enterprise. Today’s businesses have a lot of regulatory requirements that say only certain people should have access to certain information. With Core Compliance, your company can automate the process of gathering all information and setting provisions around access.

Discover employee access while streamlining your review process.


  • Automate the discovery, analysis and management of user access rights, using business-friendly entitlement descriptions
  • Demonstrate compliance with enterprise policy and relevant regulations to auditors, regulators, and other interested parties
  • Sensitive data and user activity integration — managers can validate access to sensitive data identified by OLP products, or manage user activity captured by SIEM and other log tools

Certify and manage employee access rights, so you can identify and validate "who has access to what" and effectively enforce least-privileged access across the enterprise.

Identity and access management has become a complex Big Data problem for IT departments. The world of users, identities and access creates a continual demand for identity and access changes throughout the organization as employees move from new hire status to transfer, promotion and termination.

So what happens when the auditors come in for access certification reviews? Are you sure your organization is in compliance? How many users have been added to the enterprise and how many have been removed since your last review? Does audit approval really reduce risk?

Core Compliance is Core Security’s access certification and compliance management solution for companies seeking to certify and manage employee access rights, ensuring that only the right individuals have access to the right resources and are doing the right things with them.

As the number of users and identities grow and their access needs change, the risk that the business may be compromised by users with inappropriate access rights also grows. Reducing the risk associated with unauthorized access and meeting stringent government and industry regulations is a critical security concern in many industries and this can have tangible top and bottom line implications for your business.

How It Works

Users should not be granted more access privileges than necessary to perform their job or business function. Core Compliance enables authorized business managers to review and certify user access rights using language they understand, and take immediate remedial action when they identify access rights that are inconsistent with policy or regulatory requirements.

Effective access compliance requires three elements:

  • The business context of the user’s access rights: Core Compliance addresses this by providing the ability to translate complex, cryptic or obscure IT entitlements into business-friendly terms familiar to line-of-business managers.
  • Limit access review and remediation to only authorized business users: Core’s technology ensures that business users can only review and manage access rights for personnel who are relevant to them from a compliance perspective.
  • Provide comprehensive, integrated remediation: Core Compliance provides remediation capabilities, including email notification, and help desk trouble ticket creation. Alternatively, if an organization already has a functioning provisioning solution in place, Core Compliance can leverage that investment, regardless of the vendor provider. Most other access certification products only integrate with a limited set of enterprise provisioning platforms, making the remediation process expensive, cumbersome and difficult to manage.


Automate Access Rights

Automate Access Rights

Automate the discovery, analysis, and management of user access rights, using business-friendly entitlement descriptions.

Edit Inappropriate Access Rights

Edit Inappropriate Access Rights

Change, disable, or delete inappropriate access rights without requiring a provisioning engine.

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with applicable governing regulations or business policies for auditors, regulators, and other interested parties.

Validate Access

Validate Access

Validate access to sensitive data identified by DLP products, or manage user activity captured by SIEM and other log tools with sensitive data and user activity integration.


Compliance and Attestation to effectively respond to auditor and regulator demands for data, demonstrating compliance with corporate policies or key industry and government regulations.

Automatic Notifications to notify or periodically remind business managers to confirm user access rights on a schedule or according to company policy.

Business-friendly view of entitlements to confirm or remediate user access rights.

Integrated Remediation initiates corrective actions, without the need to install a provisioning solution.

Comprehensive Data Integration identifies users with access to sensitive data (data loss prevention or DLP) or review prior activity (Security information and event management or SIEM) to ensure compliance with security guidelines, and identifies and remediates segregation of duties (SoD) violations.

Track and store transactions for audit tracking and/or forensics analysis.


Download the Core Compliance Datasheet (.PDF)